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eSister Submission Guidelines

* For those who print and/or mail eSister: You may be entitled to be reimbursed for expenses from your chapter. Check your chapter bylaws.

eSister is a newsletter for and about members of the Manitoba-Northwest Ontario Chapter. The P.E.O. eSister is published twice a year, on April 1 and November 1.

  • Submissions received by October 15 shall be included in the November edition.
  • Submissions received by March 15 shall be included in the April edition.
 Content Suggestions

Tell your sisters about your chapter, who you are and what makes you tick. Imagine you are talking to new sisters or to those who don’t know much about P.E.O. beyond their own chapter.

  • Names of new initiates
  • Names of those members, both active and inactive, who have passed away
  • Have you sponsored a student? If so, tell us how you show support and encouragement.
  • Significant milestones of your sisters
  • Have you had an interesting program lately? What was it?
  • What do you do to raise money for projects?
  • What philanthropic activities do you do in your community?
 What to submit
  • Submission limit of 250-275 words (The bottom left corner of MS Word tells you how many words are in your document.)
  • Submit text documents in a word processing program file such as Microsoft Word (eg. my_submission.doc, my_submission.docx )
  • Provide a photo with your submission
    • Include who, what, why, where, when with your photo
    • You must get permission to post the photo online from anyone featured in the photo
    • Send photos with a .jpg file extension (sample photo name: photo.jpg). This is standard and is the default photo file type stored by your camera
  • Submissions may be edited for content and length
 Who should submit

Information should be gathered in and sent to eSister (alias address is always to the current Vice President) by a designated person in your chapter (eg., your chapter’s tech contact).

 How to submit
  • Text documents and photos should be sent as an e-mail attachment to the Vice President of Manitoba-Northwest Ontario Provincial Chapter at
    • Please do not put text and/or photos in the body of the email.
    • You will receive an email confirming receipt of your submission.
 When to submit
  • Submission deadline for the Spring edition is March 15
  • Submission deadline for the Fall edition is October 15