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Software Resource for Printing a Local Chapter Yearbook

Blue Squirrel has created a page to help P.E.O. members complete their Yearbook. To check out this page, please click the following link:

P.E.O. International has created an Affiliate Program with Blue Squirrel, the creators of the ClickBook software. With this program, local P.E.O. Chapters may purchase a copy of this software at a discounted price. This software can be used to create and print chapter yearbooks, brochures, planner pages, posters, banners, greeting cards and much more from your basic documents.

There are two purchase options from this site. The first will require you to create an account with Blue Squirrel. We recommend this option since you will need an account to receive support for this software. All support will be handled directly by Blue Squirrel. The second option is the Quick Buy option. Once you fill out the fields and click the button, your purchase is completed without creating an account. There will not be a chance to cancel the sale with this option.

To purchase a copy for your chapter, please click here for the PC version or click here for the Mac version.

ClickBook 4.0 for Mac now available

The long-awaited release of ClickBook 4.0 for Mac is finally available. Special pricing is available for purchases and upgrades when following the links below.

ClickBook MMX for Windows available

Please use this link below to purchase ClickBook MMX for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/64:

*Information taken from International P.E.O. website