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MB-NWON Provincial Projects Committee

The Provincial Projects Committee is available to assist chapters in several ways as they navigate the various projects. Please do not hesitate to contact your project representative for assistance.

The Provincial Projects Committee consists of one representative from each project and is responsible for informing and supporting local chapter project chairs. The committee encourages and assists chapters in sponsoring women for the projects by:

  • Acting as a liaison between International Chapter and local chapters
  • Acting as a resource to chapters by providing current project information
  • Assisting chapters with applications and their status
  • Providing program information to local chapters
  • Meeting with chapters to talk about projects.

External inquiries for education financial assistance received from International Chapter or through our provincial website are processed by the Projects Committee co-chairs, as follows:

  • Student situation is reviewed to confirm eligibility for either the projects and/or The Manitoba P.E.O. Foundation funding.
  • An email is sent to local chapters to determine their availability and interest in supporting an applicant.
  • The student is assigned to a local chapter expressing interest in completing the application process, noting the project(s) for which application may be made and whether the student is eligible to apply for a Manitoba P.E.O. Foundation grant.
  • The local chapter interviews the student and submits the appropriate application(s).