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PPP pin conferred upon Catherine McLaren (R)

After a lengthy delay due to Co-VID 19, President Karen Wiebe and Vice-President Lynette Phyfe held a socially-distanced, less than 10-person, in-person gathering to present Catherine McLaren (President 2019-2020) her PPP pin. 

This informal but very emotional presentation on Thanksgiving morning, was held in the garage of Catherine’s daughter in Winnipeg.  Lynette presented Catherine with her pin on a hockey stick to ensure a safe distance, while Karen shared accolades of Catherines contributions to the MB-NWON sisterhood, congratulations from the 2020-21 board as well as warm wishes and welcome from the PPP’s.

Congratulations to Catherine as she joins the PPP’s; the length of time it took to get your pin to you is by no means a reflection of your sisters’ love and appreciation of your service and dedication to the sisterhood!

A short video of this presentation can be found on our groups Facebook page.  

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