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Mb-NWON P.E.O. is on Facebook!!

The idea of a Facebook group for MB-NWON sisters has been discussed for a while now.  Given the need and increased priority for sisters across the province to stayed connected during Co-VID19, the board decided now was a great time to make the idea become a reality! 

If you have a Facebook account you can connect with one of the board members (we are all on Facebook) and they will invite you to join the group.  Another sister that is already in the group can invite you as well and once you are in the group, you can invite other MB-NWON sisters who are on Facebook to join as well.  You can also click on the Facebook icon found to the right of this post and if you are logged into Facebook it will take you to the group.

Rest assured, this is a private group and only those MB-NWON P.E.O.’s who are members in the group can see the pictures, comments, and chapter news that are shared there.   It is hoped that chapters will use this as one way to share their joys and concerns, fundraising efforts, project recipients, well wishes, chapter vitality ideas etc. with the rest of their MB-NWON sisters.

 “See you” on Facebook!

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